Ceremonial Team

Contact Person: Robert W. Chase

Our Ceremonial team is made up of dedicated shriners who perform the ceremonial initiation ritual as new members cross the dessert into becoming a shriner.

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Hospital Donor Relations

Contact Person: James L. Davis III., PP


Nobility Relations

Contact Person: Paul R. Reinke Jr., PP


Endowments, Wills, & Gifts

Contact Person: Ron Parker

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License Tags

Contact Person: Robert Seidel

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Speakers Bureau & Public Relations

Contact Person: 
Raoul L. Frevel Sr., PP, PIP

Contact Person: 
​Mark E. Hartz, PP, PIP

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Hospital Board

Contact Person: Kurt L. Frevel Sr., PP

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Masonic Relations

Contact Person: 
Richard P. Naegele, MWPGM

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100 Million Dollar Club

Contact Person: 
Raoul L. Frevel Sr., PP, PIP