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It all started in 1843 with some very energetic and imaginative Master Masons who dreamed up the idea of a Tall Cedar Degree, and in those days the degree was called " The Ancient and Honorable Rite of Humility." On November 13, 1971, in the 70th year of their existence, they became known as the Tall Cedars of Lebanon of North America. 

All down through the years the Tall Cedars of Lebanon had on occasion contributed to worthy causes. However, they really became of age when they decided that "no organization could continue to prosper unless it had a definite uplifting objective for the benefit of humanity." These were the remarks of the Most Worshipful Grand Master Harry Campbell of Washington, DC in 1933. After years of investigation and research in 1951 they found not only a worthy cause but one which desperately needed support -- muscular dystrophy. 

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